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Quiz 6

Question 1

Joe has a counseling practice and is also teaching psychology part-time at a university. He is well liked and trusted by students and some have asked for private counseling. Joe has decided to wait until semester break before taking them on as clients. Joe would be:

exhibiting ethical behavior by telling his students that he will counsel them at the end of the semester.

in a dual relationship with his students which may cause ethical problems.

playing favoritism by not counseling all of his students.

not qualified to counsel his students because he is a part-time instructor.

Question 2

The following is true concerning dual relationships:

There is a clear consensus among practitioners regarding nonsexual relationships in counseling.

Due to the fact that there are clinical, ethical, and legal risks, all blending of roles must be avoided.

Objectivity in counseling is enhanced with dual relationships.

Counselors need to make every effort to avoid dual relationships with clients that could impair professional judgment or increase the risk of harm to clients.

Question 3

Ted is a counselor educator and also acts as therapeutic agent for his students’ personal development since personal awareness is considered to be an intrinsic part of developing counselor skills in the program at the university in which he teaches. Ted is:

totally unethical in attempting to guide his students towards self-awareness.

involved in a situation in which he will become so subjective that he will be unable to teach his students.

involved in role blending which is inevitable in the process of educating and supervising counselor trainees.

in a situation that automatically leads to a conflict of interest.

Question 4

Departures from commonly accepted practices that could potentially benefit clients are referred to as:

unethical boundaries.

boundary crossings.

boundary violations.

interpersonal boundaries.

Question 5

The following action would maximize the risks inherent in dual or multiple relationships:

Setting healthy boundaries from the outset.

Securing informed consent of clients and discuss with them both the potential risks and benefits of dual relationships.

Documenting any dual relationships in clinical case notes.

Becoming romantically involved with the client.

Question 6

Linda is considering developing a multiple or dual relationship with her client and it’s important for Linda to remember:

that all multiple relationships should be avoided because they are usually harmful.

that absolute answers are available to resolve dual or multiple relationship dilemmas.

to be cautious in order to protect herself from censure.

to consider whether the potential benefit outweighs the potential for harm.

Question 7

In regards to boundaries in the counseling relationship, Lazarus takes the position that:

certain ethics and boundaries actually diminish therapeutic effectiveness.

all boundaries should be eliminated because they destroy the counseling relationship.

strong boundaries must be maintained in order to avoid malpractice suits.

traits such as flexibility, spontaneity, and warmth tend to be characteristics of therapists who maintain strong boundaries.

Question 8

Dual or multiple relationships can occur



either a or b.

neither a nor b.

Question 9

Which of the following situations has the potential to harm or exploit a client?

Entering a business venture with a client.

Developing a sexual relationship with a client.

Establishing a social relationship with a client.

All of the choices.

Question 10

Marty is counseling with an Asian client who recently returned from a trip to Japan to visit relatives. His client wants to give him an inexpensive souvenir. It is important for Marty to:

refuse the gift on ethical grounds.

explain that the gift would change their relationship and create a conflict of interest.

be aware that accepting the gift may be culturally appropriate with this client.

explain that he cannot accept the gift until the counseling relationship is over.

Question 11

A counselor is likely to adopt stricter social boundaries and will be concerned about polluting the transference relationship if he/she is:

psychoanalytically oriented.

behavioral therapists.

working with culturally diverse clients.

already engaged in an active social life.

Question 12

Boundary management is:

not an issue in sparsely populated areas.

less challenging in rural areas than in urban areas.

equally as challenging in rural and urban areas.

more challenging in rural areas than in urban areas.

Question 13

A common reaction of therapists who realize that they have sexual feelings towards their clients is to:

feel angry at themselves.

speak openly about the matter to the client.

investigate to see if the client feels the same.

feel guilty and fearful of losing control and being criticized.

Question 14

Therapists can deal with powerful attractions to clients by:

repressing their feelings of attraction.

asking the client if the feeling is mutual.

terminating the relationship immediately.

monitoring boundaries by setting clear limits on physical contact, self-disclosure, and client requests for personal information.

Question 15

Which one of the following is not considered a guideline to minimizing the likelihood of sexual transgressions by clinicians?

Seeking professional support during times of personal loss or crisis.

Knowing the difference between sexual attraction to clients and acting out.

Avoiding terminating the therapeutic relationship, even when sexual feelings obscure objectivity.

Monitoring feelings and behaviors toward clients.

Question 16

Bonnie became sexually involved with her therapist soon after therapy began. This action was initiated by the therapist who saw Bonnie’s provocative behavior as an invitation to become intimate. The following is a possible on-going consequence for the client being sexually exploited:

substance abuse

suicidal ideation

distrust for therapists and the therapeutic process

impaired social adjustment and distrust of opposite sex

All of the choices

Question 17

Clients can file a legal complaint against a therapist for sexual misconduct by:

filing an ethical complaint with the therapist’s professional association.

filing an ethical complaint with the therapist’s licensing board.

lodging a complaint with the therapist’s employer.

filing a criminal complaint or a civil suit.

All of the choices

Question 18

According to professional codes of ethics, sexual relationships between client and counselor are considered to be ethical under which of the following circumstances?

If the therapist is really in love with the client.

If there is consent by the client.

These relationships are not considered to be ethical under any circumstances.

If the sexual relationship begins within six months of termination.

Question 19

Robert is romantically attracted to his client and he suspects that the feeling is mutual. In order to take an ethical action, Robert should:

seek consultation with an experienced colleague, supervisor, or personal therapist who could help him decide on a course of action.

terminate therapy so they can develop a romantic relationship.

repress his feelings and continue therapy with the client.

explore his reasons for the attraction and tell the client why he is attracted to her.

Question 20

In the authors’ view, non-erotic touching between counselor and client should be:

a spontaneous and honest expression of the therapist’s feelings.

incongruent with what they feel.

a therapeutic technique used to extinguish catharsis.

considered unethical.

Question 21

Clinicians who oppose any form of physical contact with their clients (e.g., non-erotic touching) believe that:

it can promote dependency.

it can interfere with the transference relationship.

it can be misread by clients.

it can become sexualized.

All of the choices

Question 22

Miguel has been providing couples counseling to Saundra and Steven for a couple of years and was recently invited to attend their 20th wedding anniversary party. Attending this event is an example of

a boundary violation

a potentially beneficial non-professional interaction

an unprofessional interaction

lapse of judgment

Question 23

The notion that certain actions will inevitably lead to a progressive deterioration of ethical behavior is commonly referred to as:

the slippery slope phenomenon.

therapist decay.

the ethical deterioration phenomenon.

role erosion.

Question 24

In contrast to the past, the American Psychological Association now views multiple relationships in a ____________________ manner and emphasizes the importance of ___________________ in making ethical decisions.

more flexible; context

less flexible; unbending ethical rules

skeptical; being conservative

both b and c.

Question 25

Mentors often balance a multiplicity of roles. Which of the following would not be considered one of these roles?





None of the choices




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