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1.      Conjugate the verb mando, mandare, mandavi, mandatus in present tense Latin. Follow this format:





1st person



2nd person



3rd person






2.      Conjugate the verb terreo, terrere, terrui, territus in present tense Latin. Follow this format:





1st person



2nd person



3rd person






3.     Rome made an impact world-wide. Not only did her history and culture impact our founding fathers, but we still witness clear evidence of Roman influence today. Presidents Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe established much of our early government’s operations, ceremonies, and rituals based upon Roman models. Therefore, many notable Roman individuals directly affected your life.


Changers of History

Changers of History


Changers of History


Here’s where you’ll have to begin that little research project. Which of the following historical notables do you think had the greatest impact on the development of Rome? Cite your explanations with facts you have documented. Choose from these individuals: Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, or Augustus Caesar.

N.B. The given list of names is a random choice and in no way suggests they made the greatest impact on Rome.  They, however, are notable, and did make an impact.




4.     Make a thoughtful entry about which of the Olympian gods you would be.  You may choose more than one and take particular aspects from them like vengefulness or wisdom.  Be sure you explain your choices.




5.     Consider the qualities that allowed the heroes to defeat the monsters.  That is, what made each a hero?  Who are your heroes and what qualities do they possess? What obstacles have they had to overcome? Join the discussion and post your response in the “Quality Heroes Discussion” link. Remember, however, that one word and one sentence answers are not acceptable.  You must have a 5 sentence minimum to make a paragraph.




6.     Discussion and quote your favorite Latin saying or motto, explain its meaning, and give an example of where you might use it.  If you don’t have one in mind, feel free to look one up on the web first.




7.     Translate the following story into good English.   Be sure to use the vocabulary given below the story in your translation. 


Postquam Ulixes in bello Troiano pugnavit, cum duodecim viris ad insulam Cyclopum navigavit. Cyclops Polyphemus in caverna habitabat. In caverna viri cibum invenerunt et eum edebant. Polyphemus pastor erat et oves in cavernam duxit. Graecos vidit et, “Heus!” clamavit. “Cur in caverna mea estis? Cibum meum editis!” Cyclops paucos viros in manibus magnis habebat et dixit, “Nunc poenas dabitis!” Viros edit! Graeci valde timebant. 


Tandem Polyphemus dormiebat. Dum stertebat, Graeci trabem acrem parabant. Cum ea oculum eius fixerunt. O infelix Polyphemus! “Quis estis? Cur mihi nocetis?” clamavit. “’Nemo’ nomen mihi est!” Ulixes Cyclopi respondit. 


Alii Cyclopes clamorem audiverunt et ad cavernam contenderunt. Unus ex eis Polyphemum rogavit, “Cur clamas?” “Nemo me nocet!” ei respondit. “Bene,” Cyclops dixit. Tum Cyclopes ad suas cavernas revenerunt.


  Postquam – after


Ulixes – Ulysses (Odysseus)


Troianus, -a, -um – Trojan


Cyclops, Cyclopis, m – Cyclops; plural Cyclopes (one-eyed monsters)


pugno, pugnare, pugnavi – fight


navigo, navigare, navigavi – sail


Polyphemus, -i, m. – Polyphemus (one of the Cyclopes)


caverna, -ae, f – cave


eum (translate as neuter)


edo, edere, edi – eat


pastor, pastoris, m – shepherd


ovis, ovis, f – sheep


heus – hey


pauci, -ae, -a – few, a few


manus, manus, f – hand


nunc – now


poenas dabitis = you will pay the penalty


valde – very


 timeo, timere, timui – fear, be afraid


 tandem – at last


dormio, dormire, dormivi – sleep


 sterto, stertere, stertui – snore


trabes, trabis, f – log, timber


ea (translate as neuter)


eius = his


 fingo, fingere, fixi – pierce


infelix – unlucky, unhappy


clamo, clamare, clamavi – shout


Nemo = Nobody


 nomen mihi = my name


respondeo, respondere, respondi – reply


alius, alia, aliud – some other


clamor, clamoris, m – shout


contendo, contendere, contendi – hurry


rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum – ask


 bene – fine, OK


suus, sua, suum – their


revenio, revenire, reveni – return  




8.     Your next order of business is to complete the Metamorphoses and Etiologies Assignment!


Your Assignment is to research another four stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and present them in a slide show, very similar to the one you just saw in this section.  You can use any presentation software you have available to complete the assignment. 




  • Present four different myths not covered in this unit from Ovid’s Metamorphoses (this information is very easy to find online).


  • Begin your presentation with a title slide containing: a title for your presentation, your name, the date, and one image


  • Your next four slides (minimum, you may devote up to 2 slides per myth for a maximum of eight) should contain titles of the stories, a list of bullet points that summarize the story, and images that meaningfully contribute to your presentation


Read the rubric below carefully and build your presentation to match the “Exemplary” category. A word of advice: print out the rubric and keep it handy while making your project. 


9.     I hope you’re feeling a little creative!  Your assignment is to log onto the discussion board and compose a humorous and coherent story (in English) in which you properly use at least 5 of the sayings, mottos, and/or abbreviations from this section.  The story should be long enough so that you have properly used the five items in a believable and sensible way. 


Here are some humorous ideas for inspiration (you don’t have to incorporate any of these if don’t wish to):


  • Your best friend
  • a foot-long hotdog
  • a vampire
  • a dance contest
  • time travel






10.  For this project you will make a short presentation using mutlimedia presentation software to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of one of the following stories of mythological couples:


  • Pygmalion and Galatea
  • Deucalion and Pyrrha
  • Jupiter and Callisto
  • Venus and Adonis
  • Eos (Aurora) and Tithonus
  • Jupiter and Europa
  • Cupid and Psyche
  • Deucalion and Pyrrha
  • Epimetheus and Pandora
  • Hero and Leander
  • Jupiter and Leda
  • Cadmus and Harmonia
  • Hippodamia and Pelops
  • Amph(i)tryon and Alcmene
  • Peleus and Thetis
  • Admetus and Alcestis
  • Hippomenes and Atalanta


Your presentation must include:


  1. A nicely decorated title slide.
  2. An English paraphrase of the story with illustrations (you must have a minimum of two illustrations).  This should be a minimum of two slides. 
  3. A love letter written in Latin from one of the two lovers that conveys their feelings about the relationship. This letter should be in the correct format for a Latin letter and should be at least five sentences. Be sure to use the correct forms/endings for the Latin words. Include an English version of your letter. As usual, the use of translators is not permitted. 
  4. Correct documentation of where you found the myth, any analysis of the myth you read, and any artwork used.

11.   IS the map that will have to be downloaded

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